Collection: Lip Flush

Some info about our lip flush range.
  • They are not lipstick because they come in tins because we keep our promise to minimize plastic waste 
  • They give your lips earthy shades while keeping them hydrated. So we know you will love it.
  • The colours come from mica oxides and botanical ingredients. They don't have bright red shades because we do not use synthetic dyes or carmine.
  • We will be honest. They do not last long hours like traditional lipsticks because it is made out of butter, oils and colourants. We recommend applying another layer if you want the shade back on your lips. But we promise it will hydrate your lips for hours.
  • It's always recommended to use a lip balm before the lip shade.
  • the given product display Colour may vary depending on your monitor settings and skin tone.
Lip Flush

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