How to figure out my skin tone?

Its easy to figure out your skin type. There are few ways,

The Vein Test

  • First, make sure your skin is clean from all makeup, creams, dirt or whatever you enjoy painting your face and wrists with.
  • Second, wait at least 15 minutes after you have washed all the “paint” off your skin, to make sure you end up with the correct outcome.
  • Third, make sure you are using natural light, as some light bulbs could have different shades of “blue or yellow” and could change the colour of your skin.
  • Then, if your veins are blue or purple or your skin appears pink, rosy, or even on the blue side of red, you would know it's cool skin. The opposite, green veins and golden skin flushing through your skin would mean you have a warm skin tone.

Jewelry Test

If gold jewelry gives you a brighter look, your tone is warm. If silver is better on your skin, your tone is cool.


Colour palettes of colours with cool, neutral, and warm undertones.


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